Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

Today I have a quick toddler-friendly pumpkin project to share. :)

A couple of friends and I decided just this morning that we should do something spirited today with our tots.  We came up with the idea to paint pumpkins outside.  So Reed and I changed out of our PJs, grabbed our pumpkins, and drove down the road for some Halloween fun...

First, my pals felt bad for me after reading about my lame pumpkin bin experience, so we staged a little pumpkin patch.  Ha!

As you can see, Reed pretty much just wanted to get on with the painting project!  What's that?  You do too?  Oh, okay...

So I saw this great project on one of my favorite blogs, and really wanted to give it a try.  Basically, you tape off a design with painter's tape (we did an M for Morgan), and then just let the tots go to town with paint.  When you peel off the tape, your design is cute and orange, regardless of how crazy your little artists went with the painting.  I love it because Reed is too young to really help with carving; plus, a painted pumpkin won't rot on you near as quickly as a carved one.  Here is our finished product:

Reed will show you exactly how we created this masterpiece.

First, you tape off your design.  We just used masking tape since our "M" was simple.  I think it worked fine.  A few leaks, but the whole thing has an undeniable homemade flair anyway.

Next, sit back and admire your prep work.  (This step is optional).

Then, let your little Picasso (or your inner child) go to town!

A couple of notes:

The blog I linked to above used washable crayola paint, which probably would have been a great idea.  Especially if you have a fit throwing toddler who might fling the paint brush and give you yellow highlights in your hair.

Along the same lines, I recommend not dressing yourself or your tot in anything that you wish to preserve.

Our new painted pumpkin is hanging out with Uga on the front porch.  (Uga does not look happy about it!)
Our pumpkin also looks decidedly Frankenstein-ish, so after this weekend, I might just add some yellow and brown to carry him through Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading.  And have fun painting pumpkins! :)


  1. This is so cute!! I think I would enjoy this activity too, is it approved for 28-year olds? :)

  2. Yes! Toddler-tested and approved for kids of ALL ages! :)

  3. You funny -- but I love the project...

    bulldog should be optional as well...


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