Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Bucket List Update

Hasn’t it been a beautiful Fall!?  With the end of October nearing, I thought it was time for a quick Fall Fun List inventory.   So far our progress looks like this:
Decorate for Fall
Hot apple cider*
Pumpkin patch*
Pumpkin pancakes
Make a fall keepsake craft with Reed
Carve a pumpkin
Scenic mountain drive
Roast marshmallows
Eat Lisa's pumpkin bread
Rake leaves with Reed* ...and jump in the piles
Make chili
Watch Dawgs football (duh)
First fire
Pumpkin spice lattes (so far... 2 of 4)
Family photos

Did you notice all of those asterisks?  Well, I have had to settle for less than ideal on several Fall List items.  No, that is an understatement.  I announced to Matt the other day that "none of my Fall dreams were coming true."  This dramatic confession came in the middle of the grocery store when I realized that instead of a fun day at the pumpkin patch we were picking our pumpkins out of a giant cardboard box at Aldi.  Ha ha… What can you do?  Sometimes, life just gets busy.  Below is my report on our less-than-magical-but-still-Fall-Fun list progress :)

Decorate for Fall.  I finally got around to decorating our home for Fall (which really just means I put up door décor, table décor, and a few pumpkins).

Hot Apple Cider.  Not the homemade kind I envisioned… Matt & I used leftover packets from a youth bonfire event and cuddled up with mugs of cider while we watched the crackling fire in the fireplace an episode of Lie to Me on Netflix.  Charming. :)

Pumpkin patch.  Last year, we had a perfect day at the pumpkin patch.
Oct 2010
This year, I really shouldn’t even cross this one off the list.  You already know about our family trip to the Aldi pumpkin bin.  I guess we don’t want to be legalistic…  Moving on.

Pumpkin Pancakes.  Yum- We’ve enjoyed these 3 times already.

Hiking.  Check.  But hopefully more to come!

Rake leaves with Reed ...and jump in the piles.  Not sure if this one counts either.  We spent the afternoon working in the yard last week, and Matt wanted to blow the leaves instead of rake.  Okay, but can you blow the leaves into a pile for Reed to jump in?  No?!  Fine.  At least blow some in his direction so I can take a picture.
And if it counts as extra credit, Reed added to his own list: Try eating dirt.

Watch Dawgs football.  Ongoing… But how ‘bout them Dawgs with a W in Jacksonville!? :)

Pumpkin Spice Lattes. (so far... 2 of 4)

I added Pinterst pumpkin cookies (this recipe) and pumpkin muffins (found here) to the list.  I didn’t want to put shortening in the cookies, so I kind of botched them, but they were fun to make with my mini sous chef.

 Also added a costume party where my little pumpkin learned to limbo and play the harmonica (definite bucket list material!) :)

 How about you?  Are your Fall Fun dreams coming true more magically than mine? :)


  1. I love it!
    I think the Hay ride is definite Bucket List material! He loved it :)

  2. He talked about it all day! And after tonight, we will probably hear about it even more :) Thanks for the fun!

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