Saturday, October 8, 2011

dotMOM: Wild Things

Okay, I am back with one final dotMOM post.  One of the other breakouts I attended at the conference was about raising boys.  David Thomas, director of counseling for men and boys at Daystar in Nashville, led the session, which was based on his newest book, Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys. The book addresses the spiritual, emotional, and physical makeup of boys.  The room was packed-out-full.  I sat on the floor on against a side wall and took furious notes as we covered developmental stages of boys from birth through adolescence, who they are and their needs through various ages.  I loved how David opened the session by saying that he loves his field because the study of development is like a study in God's creation.  The time was informative, inspiring, and I have to admit somewhat overwhelming.  To have so much information thrown my way in just a short time made me acutely aware of the big job in front of me and the sweet gift of a little man that God has entrusted to me to parent.  So thankful for God's grace!  I may or may not have teared up a time or two.

I could write about some the notes I took, but I don't really feel like it... I figure I was actually there and I am buying the book, so I will just recommend it to you too!  (If you click on the book title above it will take you straight to Amazon.)  David also recommended the Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition) series, saying the books have useful, situation specific discipline techniques.  I am adding both of these books to my reading list.  (Remember my reading list?!  No, I didn't neglect to report back to you as promised... I haven't read any of them yet!  Fail.)  Let me know if you read (or have read) either of these books- would love to hear your thoughts.

Also, just a quick tidbit: David Thomas is booked as one of the main session speakers for next year's dotMOM conference. :)

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