Wednesday, October 5, 2011

dotMOM: Legacy

This week, I have been checking in regarding the dotMOM conference.  Yesterday, I shared about the main sessions and speakers.  Today I wanted to tell you about the Legacy breakout I attended with Esther Burroughs.  I hadn't heard of Esther prior to the event, but apparently she is a big deal and has had considerable influence in the lives of some of the younger women speakers of today.  I hesitate to even try to write about this hour with her because so much of its value was in just soaking in her presence.  She is a woman who exudes wisdom and godliness.  Nevertheless, here are a few treasures to pass along:

She talked about using the Jesus Storybook Bible with (in her case) grandchildren.  I adore this children's Bible; we gave it to Reed for his first Easter (read more about it here).  It tells the story of our rescuing God.  Just reading from it together weekly can be part of legacy, part of passing on the story of Faith to your children, grandchildren, or spiritual children.

Esther has a beautiful way of weaving her rich spiritual heritage into her passing on of wisdom to another generation.  She told us about asking her father, who was a pastor, if her firstborn son could one day have his Bible, which was filled with His precious handwritten notes of insights and promises from God.  Her father told her that he had already promised it to Esther's brother (his own firstborn son).  She knew that was right, but was truly disappointed.  Years later, when Esther's son married, his grandfather gave him as a wedding gift a Bible into which he had hand-copied every note, underline, date, and comment from his own Bible.  So special.

Some lines from my scrawly notes:
"We have a divine calling in the home to raise another generation who calls Him holy...  You can't give your children your faith; you can only live it out in front of them...  Leave them the legacy of your love and desire for the Word of God...  Let them see you with His word...  Pray in front of and with your children."

And just one more story:
Esther told a story about a family Thanksgiving dinner.  Gathered around the long table covered with fine linens and adorned with china, candlesticks, and a fitting feast were her parents, her children, and their children.  As the family started to pray, the youngest grandson reached for his grandfather's hand and knocked over his glass of tea.  As everyone looked on in alarm, the grandfather said, "That is too heavy a burden for a little guy to carry alone" and reached out and knocked over his glass as well.  The two rivers of tea combined and circled around the dishes as they headed toward grandmother at the other end of the table, who simply declared "me too" as she tipped her glass toward the table.  Grace.

"O God, do not forsake me, until I declare Thy strength to this generation, Thy strength to all who are to come."  Psalm 71:18b

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