Monday, October 24, 2011

Costume Ideas

Can you believe cute costumes are just around the corner!  Hopefully, today's post will spread some ideas your way.  We're also taking a costume poll!  Last year, Reed went trick-or-treating as a monkey.
Monkey Reed, 7 months
My mom and sister found him that monkey costume for a few bucks at a Children's Place outlet.  Score!

This year we didn't have any costume ideas or leads, so I started searching Pinterest.  Here are some of my favorite finds:
Peter Pan found here
Dwight Schrute from The Office hee hee
Russell and Carl from Up- Love! (source)
Vintage Golfer (here)

As soon as I saw the little golfer costume, I thought Hey! we could pull something similar together with stuff we already have, and Reed could carry his plastic club set. So we staged a dress rehearsal:

Then, my friend offered to let Reed borrow some of her kids' past get-ups.  So now we also have puppy dog and pumpkin options...

Reed was kind of reluctant about the puppy dog.  Also, I think he was standing on the legs, so it was pulling the hood backwards.

But he was way into the pumpkin!

To complicate things even more, another friend recently told me that the Disney Store has Mickey Mouse costumes for $20.  Now you know I wouldn't normally pay for anything if we have a good option that is free, but you also probably know that Reed is head over heels for Mickey...

Sooo what do you think?  We have 3 free options and a Mickey Mouse splurge option.  I'd say the puppy dog is out, though, because Reed didn't like that one.  We have a costume party this Saturday and then of course trick-or-treating the next Monday, so Reed could wear two different costumes if he wants to.  Your turn!  What's your vote?  And what are your little people going to be? :)


  1. oh my goodness. that is serious cute stuff. I vote he is all 3-- bring him inside every 30 minutes for a costume change.

  2. I love the golfer...however Klay was mickey for a party this year, so I have gloves and ears...and honestly the shorts and shoes were easy to make...let me know!

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