Sunday, October 2, 2011

Big Weekend: dotMOM

Last weekend I went to dotMOM, a Lifeway event for mommas, in Birmingham, AL.  It was an amazing two days.  I got to get away with other moms/friends and laugh, learn, and immerse myself in worship and teaching.  In a stage of life where I rarely get to attend church, (I'm there, but Reed just can't handle more than one service and I've committed to teach a 4th/5th grade small group and help Matt with students), spending two. entire. days. just focused on worshiping Christ and letting Him nurture my soul in a communal setting was a dream come true.  (Huge thanks to my sweet hubby who held down the fort so I could escape!)

In short, my biggest take away was the Lord teaching me to sit at His feet in the midst of the busyness of motherhood.  He sent me home so refreshed and encouraged.  Full.  And intent on clinging to Him above all.

I thought I would share a little bit about the conference this week, including the main sessions and a couple of the breakout sessions I attended (one on legacy and one on parenting boys).  So if you are interested in reading along, tune in over the next several days.

Also, if you are a momma, you will not regret attending this event next Fall.  My friend Lauren (who first told me about .mom 2011) is especially passionate about telling you so. :)  The event was fun, refreshing, informative, and deep with worship and teaching.  You can read more about dotMOM 2012 and/or register here.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend!

Hold on to your Hats,

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