Monday, October 10, 2011

A 48-Hour Victory

Matt and I attended Catalyst last Thursday and Friday.  It was a wonderful, albeit exhausting, weekend.  On top of great teaching (Francis Chan, Andy Stanley), moving worship (Hillsong United), and some tears and laughter at the conference, we experienced a 48 hour victory on the home front...  Reed spent the night at his grandparents for the first time while we attended Catalyst; in fact, it was almost like a 2-night gig since we said our goodbyes on Wednesday evening and left hours before Reed woke up on Thursday!  We didn't pick him up from Papa and Grammy's until Friday evening.  Get this: Reed didn't cry for us, not even one time, during his stay!  (And I didn't cry either).  I am so proud of him!  This is a big. deal.  And so thankful for my parents (and sister) loving on him!

My source of Reed info for the two days was my phone, so here is a glimpse at the "phone's eye view" of our 48-hr victory:

Wed. 6:45pm- Reed is having a ball with Papa and Gram, (who have come to spend the night at our house so we can leave early the next morning), so I decide to try to head out to youth group.  This means I have to say a quick goodbye even though I won't see Reed until Friday night!  (boo hoo)  He is crying when I leave, but I quickly receive this text:
"He got happy immediately and asked 4 ice cream.  Have fun."
(Translation: Reed was already in his pajamas and about to go to bed, but tells my parents that he is hungry.  They ask what he wants, and he says "ice cream."  So, what do they do?  Load him up in the truck and go buy ice cream at Publix. #GRANDPARENTS) Haha...

Thur. 6:15am- We tiptoe out of the house, and I wait and wait to hear that my little man is up and at 'em.  Finally at 8:22: "He is just waking..." (8:22!??  Of course, he sleeps in like a champ when I'm not home!)

Thursday cont'd- Exchanged a few texts about playing at the park, and the drive back to their house...
"Just walking home from the park.  Reed is tired.  Did you know he likes to flip over the bars?"
(Uh, excuse me?  He is a baby.  I figure they are just trying to push my buttons, so I ignore the flipping part at the end).
A few texts later ended with "serious about that flipping," so I just thought okay, maybe we define flipping differently and said "hope you got a video" :) (Update: still haven't clarified the feat)

And my favorite text exchange of the 48 hour victory:
Me: "Thx for the updates.  I appreciate them.  We're having fun!  Thanks for being a great gram and papa!"
My mom: "Reed says he doesn't want Mr. monkey and is asking to share chips with Papa.  U r welcome. We r loving it!!"

So thankful for my mom and dad!  Big step for the Reedster!

PS- I really wanted to post one of the Tripp and Tyler videos from the conference because they were hilarious, but none of them are online yet.  I found this one from Catalyst '09.  SO funny!

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