Monday, September 19, 2011

18 Months

Dear Reed,

This weekend, you turned 18 months old!  You seem like such a big boy all of a sudden, and this mommy heart can hardly take it.

Everyone tells new mommies how quickly you little guys grow, but there is just no way to fully grasp it until you experience it for yourself.  Wow.  Reed, you bring your daddy and me so much joy each and every day.  I can’t begin to tell you how much God uses your sweet little life to express His love to us.  I pray that He continues to shape us as your parents and help us point you to Him, especially as your world gets bigger and bigger.  God created you, Reed, to know Him and make Him known, and our prayer for your life is that you will find wholeness in Christ alone, that you would love Him with your whole heart and life, and follow after Him in everything you do.  Oh, He loves you so!

At 18 months, you are quite the sweet, smart, funny, and active lil’ guy.  We haven’t had your doc appointment yet, so I don’t have your stats to report but you have a healthy appetite and the little belly to prove it.  Your favorite foods are cheese, apples, waffles, blueberries, and, of course, the occasional cookie.  You sleep 11-12 hours at night, and we usually start our day around 7:30.  You take one nap each afternoon, but I never know if your nap will be for 1 hour or for 3.  You wear size 12-18 months clothing and size 5 shoes, probably 6 soon.  You still haven’t had your first haircut because I can’t bring myself to mess with those beautiful curls, but I think the time is getting close.  Sometimes people play with your hair or the weather is off, and you end up with a serious “poof.”

You love to give kisses and “squeezes.”  You always want piggyback rides around the house.  Every day when Daddy comes home, you hear his garage door open and run to the chair to hide under the blanket.  You squeal and scream and kick from under the blanket when he walks into the room, and I am really not sure that we should call it “hiding” at all.  You are very into the Braves lately.  You love animals, especially doggies and the kitty cat next door.  Somehow, you have fallen hard for Mickey Mouse and Elmo.  You also love the zoo, skyping, birthday parties, outside, Audrey Grace, your grandparents, and getting your way.  The past couple of weeks you have brought your swim trunks to me daily and asked to go to the pool, which is slightly ironic since our pool just closed and you were, at best, indifferent about our pool visits this summer.

Speaking of what you enjoy, I must add that your attention span is a total of about 1 ½ minutes.  You usually go from one toy to another, never staying interested in a single activity for very long.  On average, we get through 2-3 pages in a book before it is old news and you’ve run off for new adventures.  You do make up all kinds of games of your own.  Unfortunately, you are also very curious about hitting.  Even when we read books, you slap at the animals on the pages and yell “ow.”  (I would like to see you pull out that bear’s fur in real life).  Hopefully, Daddy’s and my combination of laughing at you, ignoring you, correction, and redirection is a winning recipe for child rearing success.  (What? Probably not?)

You talk nonstop, have a huge vocabulary, and use short sentences regularly.  Your most common phrases are “I/you… need this, get this, read this, want this,” and “I see you.”  You know most of your family and friends by name.  Just recently you have started using some slang, and it is hilarious.  You say “yah” “mmm-hmm” and alright!” all.the.time.  If we ask you a question, the answer always starts with ummmm.  “See ya” occasionally replaces “bye bye” these days.  Every jump and high five has a sound effect: “boom!”  The real clincher is that you have started asking “why?” about everything we tell you.  We honestly aren’t sure whether we should ignore you or actually give you an answer!  One of my favorite things about this stage in your life is having “conversation” with you.  I love hearing your sweet little voice and getting a glimpse into how you see the world. :)

You still take it pretty rough when we drop you off at your Sunday “Walker’s” class, or leave you with a sitter, but you usually settle in quickly and have fun with your friends.  We’re still working on all that.  Besides, if I was my mom, I wouldn’t want to leave me either. :)  You jump and dance when you are excited.  You love music and songs, namely Itsy Bitsy Spider and Jesus Loves Me, which you call “Bible.”  You are super observant and mimic anything—especially older children.  You have also started to notice when you pass gas.  “I toot- Hee hee hee”… Followed by “’cuse me.” HA.

Oh, I could go on and on.  For now, without my ole notebook, that is everything that comes to mind about your current stage.  You are awesome, Reed.  We love everything about you.  We hope to be your biggest fans as God writes the story of your life, your role in His bigger story.  I love you so much, Reed, my heart might burst!  Happy 1 ½!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Chop

Oops.  I've been a little bit under the weather, and have soundly neglected the blog.  Thought I could at least muster up a quick post since we're halfway into September...  Plus, Reed's Grannye isn't on facebook and needs to see his Braves video. :)

Matt's friend introduced him to (check it out!), and we got some cheap tickets for Monday night's Braves game.  We met up with Bri, Steve, and Cameron and watched the Braves... not win.  Oh well.  Reed went full-speed from our arrival at 6:30 until our departure at 11:30PM.  Yowza.  Nowadays, if you mention baseball or Braves in his presence, Reed will bust out in the chop chant or a "Go Braves!" --maybe both.  Love it.  Here is Reed's rendition of the chop...