Monday, August 15, 2011

Imagine It! Children's Museum

Last week, Reed and I made our return visit to Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.  We now have a pass to the museum, as I mentioned in our zoo post, so we met my dad (Papa), my mom (Murry), my sister (Aunt Bri), and my nephew (cousin Cameron) to visit and play.  (I live on the other side of Atlanta from my family, if you happened to wonder why Reed and his grandparents/cousins frequently crash the ATL!)  Anyway, I think Imagine It will quickly become one of our go to playgrounds in the city… especially as we wait out the rest of these HOT summer days, and then once the weather turns cold.

A few nuts and bolts in case you are interested, and then I Reed and Cameron will take you on a little tour of the museum!  There is a lot of information online, including about events and programs, so be sure to check out the museum’s website.  Also, I have only been twice so I’m not a location expert, but Imagine It is in the same area as the aquarium, so it is just across the street from the playgrounds and fountains in Centennial Olympic Park, as well as within walking distance of the CNN center food court.  I also noticed that there’s a nursing area for moms- awesome!  You might be thinking a children’s museum would be way over Reed’s head, but Imagine It is actually very toddler friendly, in my opinion.  There are 1 or 2 exhibits that don’t cut it for Reed’s age, but the majority of them keep him running around the place having a good ‘ole time…

First, there is a toddler’s only exhibit called Crawl Space that is designed for tots aged 2 and under.  It has big, soft building blocks, musical instruments, padded slides and climbing spots…  Reed and Cameron especially enjoyed the Charlie brown piano.  (I want one!)

The seasonal exhibit right now is about science and sports.  It has some really neat components; below Reed is “learning about” angle, force, and bounce passing. :)  The actual concepts are above Reed’s pay grade, but like most little boys would, he got excited about seeing his favorite sports balls and thought he was experiencing the exhibit at its finest.

The first exhibit when you enter, called Fundamentally Food, is supposed to follow food from the farm to the table… it has a cow, a tractor, a grocery truck and store, and a house equipped with a play kitchen. The first time we visited, Reed threw a potato at one of the workers, but this second time he had a better grasp on etiquette fit for the farm/food exhibit.

Oh, and there are a couple of little reading nooks with oversized cushions spread throughout the room too!

The Tools section is the one most aimed at older children.  (Also the dress up area, but I just think that’s gross anyway…)  My niece, Chloe (5yo), loved the giant ball machine when she visited.  Reed of course had no idea about pulleys and levers and such, but he really enjoyed watching the colorful balls roll and spin everywhere, and he liked chasing after the ones that fell on the floor.  They do have several different types of building blocks appropriate for younger ages.

Let’s see… Oh, these next pictures are from the Leaping into Learning, a forest for 8yo and under, where you can splash, fish, and explore.  So cute!  Not pictured: tree house, woodland puppets, and waterfall.  And don’t forget to out on a rain coat!

 Last but not least is the creative area with the painting wall and sculpting sand!  My favorite!

Whew!  Bet you feel like you don’t even need to actually go to the museum now!!  But you should.  Because apparently it is where A-list celebs visiting Atlanta take their kiddos… Our friends Jenny and Mason played alongside Ben Affleck and his daughter there.  Now that you know how much fun it is (and that a movie star sighting might be at stake), let us know when you venture that way, or if you have any questions!  Enjoy! :)

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