Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Book Updates

Ever since I kicked the notebook habit, I have been trying to be sure to keep Reed’s Baby Book up-to-date.

I have been doing pretty well!  I have everything filled in except for the section about the first haircut, and that’s only because Reed hasn’t had his locks chopped yet.  A few days ago, I updated the page titled, “A Little Story about You.”  I wrote about Reed’s zoo obsession and how we have gotten such a kick out of it, and I also chronicled his intense love for his ducky robe…

At one of his baby showers, Reed got the cutest little ducky bathrobe from Ms. Kathy.  We put it on him a time or two for a Kodak moment, but everyone knows that the time lapse between bathtub exit and diaper cover is crucial to evading a pee shower, so mostly the robe served as picturesque décor hanging in Reed’s bathroom.  That is, until he recently rediscovered it.  A few months ago, he must have noticed that the robe had duckies on it, and Reed reallllly likes duckies.  As Matt was drying him with a towel, Reed pointed to the robe and yelled “DUCKIES!”  “Yes, duckies” we said.  He persisted in excitement until we put the robe on him.  Now, every time we get him out of the tub he insists on wearing his ducky robe.  "Need duckies!"  We help him into it, and he runs down the hall and into his room beaming with pride.

Reed’s robe love wouldn’t be any problem except that he is 17 months old, and the robe is size 0-9 months!  The sleeves are too short.  It barely ties around his middle.  And the length… well, you can see for yourself what we are dealing with there!

So, we have Reed’s ducky robe ritual recorded in his baby book, but we have yet to see how the little story will end!  :)

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  1. that picture of his little bum is the cutest thing! hahaha. ;)