Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Lamp Redo

After sharing the below picture of our craigslist armoire in its new habitat, I thought maybe I would introduce you to another occupant of our living room.

For some time I had been lazily looking for a lamp for the living room end table.  By "lazily looking," I mean I was hopeful that thinking about a lamp would make one appear on my doorstep.  Would you believe my passive strategy actually panned out?  Well, close enough.  Last Fall, Matt's Grannye offered us some lamps that she no longer needed.  I was pumped!  One of the lamps was chunky and perfect and just the shape I wanted to round out our living room light show... except that it had a pink and green floral pattern on the base that didn't fit into our color scheme.

Enter jute and hot glue gun...


So, for a quick and thrifty lamp redo idea just wrap twine/jute/rope/cording of choice tightly around the base of a lamp.  I did some hot gluing as I went.

I have seen rope trending all over the place--clothing, hair and jewelry accessories, home decor--and I recently spotted twine bling on Pinterest, used to dress up jars and even wrapped around tin-cans-turned-charming-storage.

Quick, easy, and the price is right!


  1. Oh I love it :-) and that armoire looks great - I cant wait to see it in person sometime soon - it's been too long since we've come over and hung out!

  2. Fantastic! I bought some jute twine years ago to do the same thing to our outdoor planters, and well...I still haven't gotten around to it:)

  3. thanks! Leslie, that will look awesome- I have seen some brightly covered pieces only partly covered, and that looks cool too.