Friday, June 17, 2011

Month Days & Photo Project

My friend Lauren celebrates her kids' "Month Days" …as in, today would be Reed’s 15 Month Day.  (Yay for Reed!)  Today also marks the 3rd “month day” that I have not taken the diaper picture.  You know, THE diaper picture:

I originally got the idea to take these photos of Reed from someone else’s newborn snapshots on Facebook.  True to my habit, I became a little obsessed and took a picture every Wednesday for quite some time.  As Reed's growth slowed down, picture day changed from every week to every couple of weeks and then to just each month day.

Aside from educating you about month days, the point of this blog post (I think?) is to share my picture project with you.  Concerning said project, I have good news and bad news.  Which do you want first?  Okay, the bad news is that I didn’t really start with a full-blown plan for these photos and should have done lots of things differently.  For one, had I known I was going to continue the pictures past Reed's first few weeks, I would have been more consistent with placement and depth so that the shots would be easy to track and compare.  Also, next time around I won’t use the crib as the setting—it is hard to get a good angle from over the top of the railing, especially as your baby grows.  Plus, when Reed got older he would wail about being put in the crib; apparently he didn’t understand that photo time was different than nap time.

One time, I bribed him with a sandal.  He ate part of it.

Another time, a toothbrush was the bait.  That worked a little better... provided you want your child photographed with a toothbrush in hand.  Classy.

Now for the good news.  The good news is that I did find something fun to do with all of the pictures besides pore over them on occasion!  For Reed’s 1st Birthday Party in March (aka his 12 month day), I planned a “grow” banner out of all of his diaper pictures.  It was a fun and sentimental way to display how much he had changed in that first year.  And it doubled as party decor.  I don’t have a great picture of the whole banner because it was super long, but here it is being strung along the back deck with twine and mini clothespins.  (Special thanks to Gram and Aunt Em for hanging up all of the pictures, and to Em for the twine idea!) :)

The how-to is pretty easy-peasy: I simply printed the pictures onto card stock with alternating colored borders to match the party colors.  Of course, you could be as creative as you want with your banner-- much more fancy, and in any shapes and colors.  Here is a shot of the pile of printed pictures:

...Actually there is even more good news!  Better news!  The Petersiks, of the widely known Young HouseLove blog, have a version of the week/month picture project that puts mine to shame!  You can check it out here, and the birthday party follow-up here.  For the record, please note that Reed was born a couple of months before Clara and thus started his shoots and celebrated his birthday first, so I am pretty certain that they used my idea.  HA!  Yeah right.  But, how I wish I could have used theirs!  Brilliant.

Young House Love source

One last question: Any good ideas on what I should/could do with the card stock images from Reed’s Birthday Banner??

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