Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Crafting

Ta Da!

For Father's Day, I decided to make the snack jars that Cheri from I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar guest posted at Kojo Designs.  These:


So cute, right!  Our crazy craft corps reunited, (this time armed with jars, paper crafting supplies, and EIGHT whippersnappers), for some utter chaos fun and artistry.  For Reed's jars, I couldn't decide if I wanted to use three pictures of Reed with different facial expressions (sweet, salty, and sour?), or one picture of Reed, one of Matt and Reed, and one of all of us.  After searching through my pictures I found I just didn't have many great choices on hand, so instead of sets of three jars I made one larger, "themed" snack jar for each father in Reed's life.  This is what we ended up with--one for Reed's Daddy, one for Reed's Pops, and one for Reed's Papa:

I had saved a few sauce jars, as Cheri suggested in her tutorial, but when I found these great canister-like ones for half off at Hobby Lobby, I knew they were the perfect size for my one jar approach.  I also don't own a cricut so I decorated the jars in straight-up scrapbook page style.  This was a pretty simple project, but I will show you a closer look anyway...

Papa, who likes fishing, got this jar of "Reed's Fishin' Bait" (aka Papa's favorite caramel cremes).  I added some twine around the top of the jar and cut out a fish tag from the leftover paper-- the back of the fish bling says Father's Day 2011.  (I used a clear hole reinforcer on the back of the punched hole to strengthen the tag).

Pops likes pistachios, so we made him a jar that says "Nuts for Pops" (...get it?!) :)

For Matt, we made a Georgia Bulldogs themed jar, of course.  So Daddy got "Reed's Dawg Treats" to take to his new desk at work today, which also happens to be his very first day at his new gig!  How fun and fitting!  Matt's gift also came with an ongoing contract; when Daddy's treats run low, Reed will be obligated to make a visit to the office to stock Daddy's snack jar! :)  Oh, and the football tag reads "#1 Dad," and is attached with elastic cording, since the UGA jar doesn't really have a twine-y vibe.

I love this funny little detail on Matt's jar:

Can you read it?  It is a sticker that says officially licensed collegiate product- ha ha.  (And, yes, as you can see on the back of the jar in the above picture, you will need to join together two pieces of even the 12X12 size scrapbook paper is you use big jars like I did.)

Hope you had a great Father's Day Weekend!

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