Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reading List

I said I would post my reading list by the end of last week, but google's blogger was under the weather or some other nonsense.  Anyway, the list below is what I've got on deck so far for parenting literature.  I am sure we will be re-reading several of these down the road as Reed grows, but might as well start now right?  And just as we did with infant care books, we will probably pick and choose from various ideas and methods and come up with what "works" (term used loosely!) best for our style and home and Reed's temperament.  Or we may just wing it for the rest of our lives.  Probably a little of both. :)

In no particular order:

The Happiest Toddler on the Block: How to Eliminate Tantrums and Raise a Patient, Respectful, and Cooperative One- to Four-Year-Old: Revised Edition Shepherding a Child's HeartWords Kids Need to Hear: To Help Them Be Who God Made Them to BeBringing Up BoysGrace-Based ParentingTo Train Up A ChildOn Becoming Toddlerwise

Some of these come highly recommended, and others I'm not sure what to expect.  I will try to report back after reading each one, and let you know some of the highlights!  In the meantime, I am still taking suggestions :)

As you can see I have lots of nonfiction waiting in the wings, but what I would really love is a good fun fiction read for the beach... Any ideas!?


  1. If your kid eats this book, everything will still be ok by Lara Zibners. This book help put some things into perspective for us since Mason gets sick so frequently. The book has a chapter and titles for everything you can thing of as far as illness and other reasons you would take your child to the doctor.
    As far as fiction, anything by Francine Rivers, including her series books, are fantastic!

  2. I really enjoyed the Yada Yada series by Neta Jackson. She has two series. I would read the Yada Yada Prayer Group series first. Then the House of Hope series b/c the characters from the Prayer Group series overlap into the House of Hope series. I just used series at least once in every sentence and three times in the previous sentence. Seriously! Have a good time!

  3. Thanks!! I will check out the Zibners book, and the Jackson series sound great! (I have read all things Francine) :)