Monday, April 18, 2011


Easter is this weekend, and I have been thinking a little bit about what that might look like in our home.  I LOVE traditions and I love the idea of establishing some fun and meaningful ones for my family.  I want our Easter celebrations to be about our resurrected Savior!  About hope and life and the Good News.  I don’t want to ban the Easter bunny or egg hunts or anything, but I also don’t want to invite furry celebrities and sugar and surprises to overshadow our true reason for celebration. 

So, I have 4 thoughts to share and a question:

1.     This past Christmas was our first as a family of 2+, and Matt and I had some good conversation around Christmas traditions and changes we wanted to make (perhaps more on that in a future post).  I found (and liked) this article by Mark Driscoll about Santa that helped put words to my own thoughts on the matter, and I think it also sums up my position on el Easter Bunny.  Check it out and see what you think: link

2.     I started googling “Christ-centered Easter ideas” during Reed’s nap the other day, and came across one mom’s blog about a cool way to use your kids’ Easter basket and colored eggs to teach through the Easter story during Passion week.  It is pretty detailed, so I definitely want to spend some time appropriating it.  And, of course, you could make some adaptations here and there to remain age-appropriate.  (Click on the link above to see post)

3.     Resurrection Rolls are also a fun idea.  These are basically biscuits you can make with your kids on Saturday night that end up hollow (like the empty tomb!) when they bake on Sunday morning.  I can picture sticky, smiling kids excitedly biting into their “tomb” to make sure that it is empty.  Just google for a recipe and find one you like best.  Some include detailed talking points, or you could simply emphasize the main idea of celebrating Jesus’ empty tomb (especially if you go with the basket idea… both might be overkill).

4.     For the record, I am not of the opinion that there is any one right or wrong way to approach traditions and holidays.  Honestly, I think a lot of parenting will come down to the state of my own heart and what I authentically live out in front of my kids.  This Easter, am I genuinely most excited about remembering His sacrifice and celebrating his resurrection?  Is Christ my everything?  Am I treasuring and seeking Him daily?

5.     What are some other fun and meaningful Easter ideas?


  1. Love this! And I love that you are blogging now!! We haven't seen you guys in forever, hope all is well!

  2. I have you in my reader now! I am so excited to follow along with your thoughtful posts:) and Happy Easter!

  3. Thanks! You are both in my reader too- I need to figure out all of the nuances of the blogosphere! :)

  4. Thanks for linking to my Easter Basket ideas!

    Small world, we lived in Marietta for 2 years, and went to North Metro!!

    As to #1, I read that article as well, and liked it. Feel like it is where we are as a fam. We aren't going to ignore Santa or the Easter Bunny, just like we don't ignore Mickey Mouse or Barney (ok, maybe Barney!) It is fine if the kids get excited about either, but we don't want to teach them that they are real. I want them to KNOW that when I tell them about Jesus, that He is real, and not a mythical character.

    #3 I must do these next year! What a fun thing. Have heard so much about them, but have yet to try them out...

    #4 "I think a lot of parenting will come down to the state of my own heart and what I authentically live out in front of my kids. " Love this. You are absolutely right! We could spend hours and hours preparing the "perfect" activity for our kids in efforts to point them to Christ, but ultimately it must be modeled first in our own lives!

  5. Sure, Katie- I didn't dig too deep into the basket story yet since my son is only 13 months, but I loved your idea! And I hope my linking etiquette was okay- I am new to the bloggy world. :) Also, too funny... I kept asking my husband why I knew the names Chris & Katie Orr... figured it was NMC when I saw your baptism post. Love your blog- keep it up!