Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gymnastics Birthday Bash

Knowing that Baby Morgan 3.0 is due this spring just two weeks after Molly's birthday, I had wanted to do my best to make sure that Reed and Molly were both well celebrated as they turned five and three, and before the joyful newborn chaos ensued. (Turns out, I didn't need to worry about baby coming early, but who knew...) So we planned what is likely R & M's last joint birthday bash as a gymnastics party at the gym where they are both enrolled in classes.

Reed and I found colorful wristbands and sweatbands on Amazon, and ordered those for party favors. We went by the array of band colors when picking out decor and tableware, and also when designing the invite. (Reed was worried about the weird hair sprouts on his clip art representation, but I assured him it was okay). :)

Coach Devin hosted the kids' party, and she did an amazing job!

(Molly was too busy running around while we set up snacks to be bothered for a posed picture with Ms. Devin). :)

The party started with some free play time while friends arrived...

The party-ers did some vaulting...

Then some balance work...

They also did some serious spinning on the rings.

Molly went back for more dizzy fun with Aunt Katie!

The Dads had to test out their super skills too :)

One of the favorite parts of party time was the parachute! Reed and Molly got to run through birthday waves and be lifted up in the air by their pals.

Then everyone got to take turns running over and under and performing tricks!

Last, the little gymnasts did some rope swinging and more open play.

Pizza time was at the end!

And then, of course, cupcakes! Grammy ordered Sam's Club cupcakes for us-- awesome price and we thought they were delicious. I was sure I could find some kind of star shaped candy or lollipops as easy toppers but ended up printing out some extra graphics from the invite design. Also cute! Happy Birthday to Reed and Molly!

Reed wanted to hand out medals as the guests left, and they took home their sweatbands and balloons. :)

We saved gifts for home to preserve as much gym play time as possible, so we stayed up a little late opening presents!

Oh, and as big fans of streamers they both LOVED Daddy's "party car." :) Woot!

Always a joy to celebrate our little people with their sweet friends! :)

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