Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Day to St. Patrick & Reed

We had a big, full day of celebrating St. Patrick's Day and Reed's 5th Birthday.

We woke up overhearing Molly telling Reed Happy Birthday-- so sweet!

Reed asked first thing to be measured on our growth chart to see if he was any bigger! :) And then followed the shamrock path downstairs.

Reed had requested Dad's icing biscuits for breakfast. Actually, he requested pink icing biscuits like we had on Valentine's Day. I asked him if he was sure he didn't want green for St. Patrick's Day, and he told me that green ones sounded... sour. :) I assured him that they would only look different, but taste the same.

"Happy Birthday to Reed..."

We also had shamrock shaped honeydew, which got snubbed for the bubbles, headbands, and flashing necklaces.

Reed couldn't wait to open his gifts. This year Daddy and I got Reed a bozo bopper, real boxing gloves and inflatable bopping gloves, and some joke and riddle books. Molly got Reed Spinner, a Switch & Go Dino.

After we played with gifts and got ready, Grammy and Papa arrived and we set off for an early showing of The SpongeBob Movie... much to Reed's excitement! Grammy and Papa bought drinks, popcorn, and candy all around.

Tuesday was a beautiful spring day and we met Daddy on his lunch break for a picnic at the square. Reed chose Taqueria for lunch because of the fortune cookies. :) (Just so happens that kids eat free on tuesdays too!) ;)

We played on the train, played hide and go seek, and threw lots of pennies in the fountain.

Our plan was to get some Sweet Treats ice cream, but after the movie grub and then lunch we were all full. While Molly took a nap, Reed and mommy spent the afternoon playing games. Daddy picked up Reed for gym class, and they stopped for Reed's free St. Patty's cupcake after.

(Are you tired yet??) :)

Finally, it was a beautiful evening for soccer practice. Reed's enthusiasm for the start of the season has been off and on, so we were so glad when he had a great birthday practice. The green b-day sports drink we brought along helped pump him up a little. :)

St. Patrick's Day Molly!

Reed's coach brought St. Patty necklaces and gave Reed a birthday shout-out. :)

It was a full and festive day!

And Daddy squeezed one last birthday candle onto a post-soccer grilled cheese! :)

...that's a wrap!

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