Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to Daddy

Matt turned 30+1 on a Saturday this year...  We had a soccer game on the docket, and then planned to meet up with our life group camping trip for the rest of the day.  It was a unique, full, and festive day to celebrate Daddy. :)

We woke up and got ready for soccer, but not before Reed and Molly gave Matt his handmade (scribbled) cards and fruit snacks for his treat jar at his office.  (Most assuredly for "him" to eat!)

It was beautiful morning for a soccer game.  Matt is an a-team Daddy and coach!

We had signed up to bring game snacks, so we got to celebrate Matt with little red dragons too!

With a team victory (or not) behind us, we got some starbucks and hit the road for North Georgia and switched to our camping birthday theme. :)

We got Daddy an eno, and I couldn't believe Reed kept it a secret.  I didn't think he would know the word hammock, or how it was used, but I was wrong!

Matt looks less than thrilled in this picture (not sure what face this is!), but we're pretty sure he actually likes the eno! :)

The campground was beautiful.  What a pretty day!

We arrived in time for lunch, and celebrated a camping "Happy Birthday to you" with our sweet friends.

I was so excited about the fun camping cake!  I'm not much of a baker, but used the spring-form brownie idea from Reed's birthday (with 2 layers this time), iced it in between and all around, and added easy camping themed decorations inspired by a quick Pinterest search.  (I used broken pretzels and cut leftover candles (in red, yellow, and orange) to make the campfire.  The tent is graham crackers, and the trees are from Reed's train set). :)

We spent the afternoon playing, exploring, talking, and enjoyed a giant game of volleyball before dinner.

After dinner, the campground offers an awesome hour-long hayride.  We rode through fields, pastures, and down streams!

I'm pretty sure it was Matt's first Happy Birthday serenade on a hayride in a pasture. :)

We stayed until dark and ended the day with a campfire and HBD smore's, because a birthday means you have to squeeze in as much chocolate as possible, right!?

It was a great day to celebrate a great guy!  Happy birthday to the best Daddy, friend, and soccer coach----and my man!  I love you!

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