Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating Reed

Reed had quite the drawn out birthday celebration this year!

First, he got a very special birthday surprise on Thursday (3 days early) when he came home from gymnastics class to find his and Molly's new swingset in the backyard!!!  We had two very smiley birthday babies!

Molly was happy as a clam to swing in the bucket swing, and Reed played pirates in the "hideout" for a full hour, no joke.  Matt and I high-fived on our birthday gifting! :)  It was also so sweet how thankful Reed was.  He kept telling us, "Thank you for my swing set" and "I weally, WEALLY love my swing set."  He is at such a fun age to surprise and bless!

Reed's actual birthday fell on a Sunday, and he was pumped to celebrate with his Sanctuary Kids class and all of his sweet buddies at church.  Grammy was lined up to take him out to a special birthday dinner while Daddy and I went to life group Sunday evening, and we were planning to head to Dairy Queen (his choice) afterwards for a star kiss.  I snuggled with Reed Saturday evening and watched him drift off to sleep for the last time as a two-year-old.  I listened to his soft breathing, and tried to memorize every detail of his little hands and face.  Oh my heart!  How quickly the days fly by...

Sunday Morning.  Enter 104 degree fever.  Poor sick birthday boy!  Reed slept in our bed most of the morning until about lunch time.

He woke up feeling a little better, and just in time for his pal Kaylee to stop by with a birthday treat!  Reed's favorite! :)

The birthday boy continued to feel better.  Grammy came to visit as planned.  (Papa was out of the country).  Grammy brought lots of goodies with her, including special Easter bags and an Easter egg hunt for Reed.  Molly got Reed some fruit snacks for his birthday, which were also a big hit, and she wore her celebratory St. Patrick's Day hair bow even though we stayed home all morning. :)

We ended the day with dinner at Moe's (the only restaurant that exists in Reed's world), and walked over to Dairy Queen where Reed got his Birthday Star Kiss, afterall. :)

A week later, when Papa got home from his work trip, Papa & Grammy came back to visit and give Reed his birthday present-- a dirt bike!  Reed thinks he is one cool 3-year-old dude! :)

It is quite the adventure to watch Reed drive in the back yard...  Don't worry he has improved greatly since these first runs. :)

And to really stretch Reed's birthday celebration to the limits, we told him that he would get to celebrate his birthday with his friends (at a joint Pirate and Princess party with Molly) in a few weeks...  no wonder he continues to ask if it is his birthday every day! :)

You are a special boy, Reed!  Your sweetness and humor and spiritedness bring us lots of smiles.  What a joy to celebrate you! :)

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