Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Party Playdate

I have been absent for a little while, and before fall passes us by I'm popping back in today to share some simple, fun PUMPKIN ideas.

Last week, Reed and I got some pals together for a low-key pumpkin party at Lauren's house.  We played outside, ate lunch together, and painted pumpkins with our tots.

Pumpkin Party Food...
Lauren prepared a super cute and festive table for lunch. :)  (I snapped this picture early on, so as you can see not everything was ready to roll).

Here are a few favorite pumpkin-y food ideas from my pinterest search. :)

Pumpkin Pinwheels- These look so cute, and would be toddler-friendly with just turkey and cheese.

Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Cups- Quick, easy, and fun.  We used these for our lunch.

Pumpkin Eggs- I haven't made these deviled eggs, but thought they were so creative.  It looks like the linked recipe is all fancy, but really just the shaping, paprika, and chive stem would pumpkin-ize your normal recipe.

Pumpkin-y Snack Mix- Candy pumpkins (and/or candy corn) add a festive touch to your favorite sweet snack mix recipe!

Veggie Tray- Quick and Cute.

Pumpkin Party Painting...
We went for a take 2 of last year's pumpkin project.  You can see the step-by-step on the previous link, so I won't go through the how-to.  But here are two main changes:

1- Got washable paint this time.  Not sure if it was just poor quality paint or the wrong choice for type of paint, but it showed up on our pumpkin very thin and see-through.  Reed didn't seem to mind though, and maybe we can just say it looks like a spider web. :)

2- This year we had Lauren's exacto knives (as opposed to just using the strips of tape to make a design).  I still just taped off an "M" because Reed was ready to get his paint on, but Lauren covered Max's pumpkin in painter's tape and busted out a baseball pattern!  Fun.

Hope one or two of these ideas might meet a pumpkin-y need or whim this fall!  Most importantly, enjoy the season with your most precious little pumpkins, props and paint or not. :)

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