Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Costumes Galore

Phew!  In the words of my sister-in-law, I've sucked at blogging lately. :)  Suffice it to say life around here has been a little cra cra.  And I don't have one of those legit blogs that makes money or changes lives, so blogging is just for fun and is always the first thing to go.  Which is good.

Anyway, for a few minutes tonight I'm back to share some of my favorite Halloween costume ideas from this year's search!

First up, a couple of favorite family costume ideas...
How cute is this!?

I also thought this race car team was creative, and considered putting Molly in a bjorn-turned-trophy.

The idea I really wanted to run with was a "rocker family."  I thought it would be really fun... Matt with a big 80's wig, Reed all tatted up and with gelled hair, and Molly with some fingerless gloves and a microphone rattle.  Something along these lines...

Alas, we already had a monkey costume in Molly's size, and access to several animal costumes in Reed's size, so in the end we costume partied as zoo animals and zoo keepers! 

You can't tell in the picture, but we both had cage keys attached to our belts, and we carried a bucket as a prop.  I also made us some id badges so that we looked "official."  Matt came up with our titles. :)

Molly was the monkey by default.  We already had the costume, and it fit with the zoo thing.  I did stick a pink bow in her hair after someone said "he" was cute. :)

I should have done something really sweet and girly for Molly's first costume, but once Reed announced he wanted to be a princess for Halloween, we really started playing up the animal thing.

Somehow Reed ended up with a whole lineup of costumes to try on this year, just like last year.

We started with an elephant and a giraffe that Reed's pediatrician let us borrow.  (Yes, you read that right, and we love and recommend our doc office.  It has a friendly, personal vibe and we really feel known... which may or may not have anything to do with my frequent phone calls.  I think the lent costumes were in pity after Reed told the staff he was going to dress up as a princess.  Embarrassing well-check moment.)  Anyway, we tried them on last week and were rolling on the floor laughing at Reed in the stuffed elephant costume.

The rear view was too. much.

Even though they said size 2-4, both costumes were a little tight, and I was worried about ruining them since they weren't ours.  We had already planned the zoo thing, so Lauren brought us a tiger at the last minute.  In the end, Reed insisted on the elephant for the party (as you saw above).

Lauren also gave us a chicken costume just for fun, and Reed wore that one trick-or-treating.

And Molly was still a monkey.

So, we had an unlikely duo strolling through the hood.

I wonder what Reed and Molly will want to be next year!  What was the best costume you saw out there tonight, or floating around Pinterest this month?

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  1. Adorable. Absolutely. You are just too clever with the zoo keepers and the "animals."

    Molly. Oh my. She's so big.

    Miss you.