Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Molly 4 1/2 Months

My little Molly Bette is 4 1/2 months old today...

She is my smiley lil' snugglebug these days!  And just a little
more of everything... "talking" more, laughing more, grasping more.  She loves to take her pacifier out of her mouth, but hasn't quite figure out how to reinsert it every time. :)  At her 4 month appointment, she weighed 12lbs, 13.5 oz and was 23 3/4 inches long- still 50th percentile for both.

At 3 months, I had bemoaned the fact that Molly had started waking up for her pacifier at night.  I am happy to report (I am sure it was like a cliff hanger for you...) that we took her out of the swaddle and this happened the very first night:
Found thumb!  Boo-yah.  (She is not in the sleep sack anymore either.  That was so last month.) :)

My new complaint (gotta have something) isn't really Molly's fault, but frustrating all the same.  I've started trying to tackle my baby blubber and dropped several pounds pretty quickly, but I think it is affecting my milk supply. :(  Molly, my 8pm-8am sleeper, has been waking up almost every night hungry for a week and a half.  At first I hoped it was a growth spurt and unrelated.  Not cool.  To be baby blubbericious or to sleep at night, that is the question...  I'm thinking maybe I can add in a few extra healthy snacks and figure out the right balance.  I'll keep ya posted.  (You'll be on the edge of your seats, I'm sure.)

My favorite new development is that Molly has become extra snuggly.  When I pick her up, I love to feel her wrapping her soft little arms around my neck, or rubbing her face on mine if she is tired.  She is also babbling a lot more and finds her high octave every once in a while (yikes).  She loooves to gurgle, and wants you to gurgle right back.  And she knows it is a game; she will look at us and make her little noise and then flash a "your turn" smile.  Melt.

 Molly has tummy time every day.  Sometimes we get good back and neck muscle action, or rolling over...

Annnd sometimes we get this:

Ha ha... Minimal progress toward rolling back to front too.  What can I say?  She is just a content little thang. zzzz

At 4 months, we also started playing in the exersaucer for a few minutes each day.  She likes it, but still gets off balance easily.

Oh, and Molly got to meet her twinsie cousin, Reese, for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  They are only 2 days apart!

We haven't yet started any solid foods.  Hoping to wait until closer to 6 months.

It is still so special to watch Reed love Molly.  He is genuinely disappointed when she is away napping. He likes to be Mr. Helper, and just says the funniest things.  Last Wednesday was a particularly long evening, and I was trying to get them both into bed before I collapsed or cried (and before 10:00!).  Reed rushed to get his step stool while I was changing Molly and asked how he could help.  I told him his job was to talk to Molly.  He climbed up to see her, stretched his little arm up over her, and whispered, "I keep you safe.  I love you always."  I don't know where he gets this stuff, but it made my eyes leak while I changed her diaper.  The day to day is draining for sure, but my heart is full and I am so thankful for my babies.

I can't believe Molly is going on five months old!
 She has officially outgrown every bit of that newborn-ness, and is fully baby now.  (I think God made babies do cute things as they get older to help mommies cope with the grief of the passing time!)  Trying to cherish every bit of it as much as possible...  We love you, sweet Molly!

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  1. OMG, Danielle -- that last picture is adorable -- beyond adorable.

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