Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Months of Molly

Molly is 3 months old today!

I have nothing new to tell you about Molly Bette except that she just gets sweeter and sweeter!  And I'm not just saying that.  I think she might be the sweetest baby in the whole wide world.  Three months is, sniffle, a quarter of a year... I have no words for how quickly that went, except for boo and hoo.

The only complaint I can come up with (and it doesn't take me long to think of it!) is that she has started crying for her pacifier a couple of times each night- argghhhh.  She dropped her middle of the night feeding 2 months ago (PTL!), but I think we were so enthralled that she liked her pacifier (Reed never did) that perhaps we led her to love her pacifier... Last night, however, we didn't hear a peep from her for the first time in a while, so maybe we are on our way back to sweet sleep.  (It is really tiring to have to kick Matt in the middle of the night, night after night, and tell him Molly called for him.) ;)

the lip

Oh!  I do have something new to report besides increasing levels of sweetness.  Molly grasped a toy for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

We quickly snapped a picture of her holding the rattle, but Reed wasn't too sure what the big deal was.  Matt explained that Molly had learned something new, and then we showed Reed a picture of baby Reed grasping a toy for the first time-- Bonus points: It was the same rattle. :)

For the next several days Reed would try to shove toys into Molly's hands, and yell "Quick, Mom!  Take a picture!" :)

Big bro Reed went to spend 3 days with his Papa & Grammy and cousins in town from Colorado!  So far, I heard they have plans for canoeing, swimming, movie night, golf-carting, and Chickfila ice cream (hello summer fun list!)  So this morning I am sitting here in a silent house, getting to celebrate Molly's 3-month-day with a little bit of extra Molly/Mommy time (until we head to the lake for Senior Send-off, the real reason for Reed's slumber party) :)

The party-ers here to pick up Reed- Dad looks tired already. Haha.

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