Monday, April 2, 2012

Shower Surprise!

Last Wednesday I showed up at church for youth as usual, and found this sweet surprise waiting for our family!

(I didn't have my camera on board, so Lauren snapped the (at church) pics with her phone)

A surprise baby shower!  Everything was so cute and thoughtful-- pink and monkey-themed! :)  The ladies even had a few monkey touches especially for Reed, including a monkey piggy bank that now houses his $11 and a singing sock monkey that he is a wee bit obsessed with.  Reed doesn't always come on Wednesdays, so I was happy that he ended up being there with us... It appears that he enjoyed partaking in the cake.  We felt so very loved by a group of people we adore!  We're deeply thankful for all of the amazing individuals that partner with Matt and serve Sanctuary's youth and families so well.  And, of course, we love our students-- we feel like they are "ours"! :)  Having our youth family celebrate Molly with us Wednesday night was so special.  And little Miss now has even more cute outfits, sleepers, accessories, and baby care essentials!  Thank you all for loving on our family! :)


  1. So sweet. Congrats on your little girl on the way :)

  2. Thanks! :) (...Is Tanner already spoken for?) :)