Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Post

Tonight is the 84th Academy Awards, and I'm a little sad... Not just because we're sick around here and I probably won't be able to stay up for much of the show, but mostly because Andrew & Emily, our Oscar Night buddies for the last 6 years, are across the country in L.A. :(  Booo.  If you're interested in following along with tonight's show with your own cinematic picks, go here to print out your ballot.

I've been absent for a little while, but I'll hopefully be back with lots of fun updates- we're slowly making progress on lots of projects around here, including Reed's big boy room, a girly nursery, growing our baby human, master bath reno, garage organization, a birthday party... Hopefully, we can get one or two things actually finished before baby girl makes her appearance!  Wish me luck!

And just for fun I have to share what is perhaps my favorite Reed conversation to date.  Yesterday, under the weather, I was lying down on the bed reading books to Reed.  I thought Matt was in our room and I called for him over my shoulder.  I wanted him to bring me the thermometer and probably sounded miserable.  Reed says to me, "Don't you worry... Don't you worry, Mommy.  I find him."  He then slides off the bed and patters down the hallway to the guest bathroom, where (I can now hear that) Matt is taking a shower.  This exchange ensues: "knock knock. DADDY!?"  "Yes, Reed?" "You taking a shower, Daddy?"  "Yes, Reed." "Okay."  Reed comes running back, and as I help him back onto the bed he says, "Daddy taking shower, Mommy.  Don't you worry."  Melt me!  Where did "don't you worry" come from??  Ha ha...  Love my Reedy so much!

Be back soon.

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  1. Aw, I hope the sickies leave your house very quickly! I cant wait until i get to have those cute conversations with Lexi :)