Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Name Game

Baby Girl Morgan has a name!

Inspired by a friend's recent post, I thought I would share about our children's names... :)

Reed Matthew Morgan
Reed is my mother's maiden name.  I never had the privilege of knowing either of my maternal grandparents.  I loved the idea of using a family name and honoring my mom, and Matt and I both really liked the name Reed.  Matthew is of course after Matt, who is a godly, hard-working man with a great heart.  I hope Reed grows up to be a lot like his Daddy!  Matthew means "gift of God."  We're ever thankful for the gift of Reed Matthew Morgan, and pray that He will always know how loved He is, not only by us but more importantly by the God of the universe.

It took Matt and I forever to officially decide on Reed's name.  We were pretty sure, but for whatever reason felt like we wanted to "meet" him first and make sure it fit. :)  It did.  This time around, I really wanted to choose earlier so that we could talk about Reed's baby sister by name well before her arrival.  A few weeks ago we decided we had landed on the name, and I'm already so glad we made the call.  For one, it has been really sweet to hear Reed call his sister by name.  Sometimes he will point at my (large) belly and say "That's my Molly!"  I love it!  Also, some sweet friends threw a semi-surprise shower (which I'll tell you about soon!), and were able to include some fun personalized details!

Molly Bette Morgan
The initials M.B.M. are after Matt's Dad, Marvin Bryan Morgan.  We hope to be able to share with Molly often about what an amazing man her "Pops" was.  After a few other "M" options, we fell in love with the first name Molly.  I think it is so sweet and simple, and has an old-fashioned flair to it.  Matt's grandfather POPSi always loved the name too, so it reminds us of him.  Molly's middle name, Bette ("bet"), is after Grannye (Betty Morgan), a godly and beautiful grandmother.  Bette, a variant of Elizabeth, means "consecrated to God" or "I am God's daughter."  Our prayer is that Molly Bette would know God as a loving Father, and grow to treasure Him with her whole heart and life.

The Reeds
Robert and Rosemary Reed

Mary Reed and Reed

Little Reed Matthew? :)
Baby Matt

Matthew and Pops (M.B.M.)
Matt and his Dad, Bryan, 2008

POPSi and Grannye Morgan
Richard and Betty Morgan, 2007

Little Molly??? :)
Danielle, 1986

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Post

Tonight is the 84th Academy Awards, and I'm a little sad... Not just because we're sick around here and I probably won't be able to stay up for much of the show, but mostly because Andrew & Emily, our Oscar Night buddies for the last 6 years, are across the country in L.A. :(  Booo.  If you're interested in following along with tonight's show with your own cinematic picks, go here to print out your ballot.

I've been absent for a little while, but I'll hopefully be back with lots of fun updates- we're slowly making progress on lots of projects around here, including Reed's big boy room, a girly nursery, growing our baby human, master bath reno, garage organization, a birthday party... Hopefully, we can get one or two things actually finished before baby girl makes her appearance!  Wish me luck!

And just for fun I have to share what is perhaps my favorite Reed conversation to date.  Yesterday, under the weather, I was lying down on the bed reading books to Reed.  I thought Matt was in our room and I called for him over my shoulder.  I wanted him to bring me the thermometer and probably sounded miserable.  Reed says to me, "Don't you worry... Don't you worry, Mommy.  I find him."  He then slides off the bed and patters down the hallway to the guest bathroom, where (I can now hear that) Matt is taking a shower.  This exchange ensues: "knock knock. DADDY!?"  "Yes, Reed?" "You taking a shower, Daddy?"  "Yes, Reed." "Okay."  Reed comes running back, and as I help him back onto the bed he says, "Daddy taking shower, Mommy.  Don't you worry."  Melt me!  Where did "don't you worry" come from??  Ha ha...  Love my Reedy so much!

Be back soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day (w/ ideas and a recipe)

Happy Valentine's Day!

We're pretty low-key about Valentine's Day around here.

Matt and I sometimes go on a fan-cee date, but we almost always avoid going out on actual Valentine's Day.  Too much busy and crowdy.  (Crowdy?)

However, we DO celebrate food.  Er, we celebrate our love, expressed with food.  Whatever... we embrace a good commercialized holiday and the excuse to eat food prepared by someone else!

Our little love day tradition is to eat take-out on Feb 14, but we have yet to decide what we want for dinner tonight!  We're open to suggestions.

Also, Valentine's Day Dine-in MUST include dessert as well.  For some reason, all I can think of that sounds delish is Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, but we already made the brilliant mistake of trying to get CF cheesecake to go one V-Day (2007.  52 minutes later...)  Plus, Matt doesn't work near there anymore.  So, we're also (and most importantly) taking suggestions for dessert take-out around West Cobb.  Ready, go.  Mmm.

Aside from food, we always do Valentine's Day cards and candy (technically also food, I realize).

Matt is a words person, so cards are a must.  My card is a 99-center from Target (which if you know my husband, this says "I love you" in and of itself).  Reed's card, however, was handmade with love.  Found this cute idea on Pinterest, and we got to work.

(This card could work well for almost any occasion!  I especially liked that Reed (almost 2) could truly participate; he loved tearing the paper and trying his best to use his safety scissors from his Christmas stocking).

Reed also gave Matt some candy to fill up his Dad jar at work.  My card came with gummy bears.  (Matt is really into gummy bears).

Lastly, when I saw these Chocolate Andes Mints Cookies (<-click link for recipe) pop up on Pinterest, I knew they had Matt written all over them.  (Matt also loves Andes mints).

Reed and I set back to work yesterday making these cookies for Matt, and they did NOT disappoint.  A couple of notes: 1- Use a spoon to mix instead of an electric mixer  2- Our dough was incredibly sticky; the second batch turned out better, after I had refrigerated the bowl for about an hour.  3- We Valentine-i-fied our cookies by adding a red M&M and/or pink and red sprinkles.  You could use various decor options to adapt to a specific occasion.  Enjoy!

We were kind of excited about the cookies and hadn't hidden them yet when Matt got home (hence Reed's "apron"), so we went ahead and indulged yesterday.  (I think Matt must have liked the cookies, since he didn't even put down his work bag). :)
I hope Reed's "pieces" art or the yummy cookie recipe come in handy for you... or at least hope you learned not to waste your time trying to get Cheesecake Factory cheesecake to go tonight!

Happy Heart Day! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Oh, okay... That will be nice"

Reed loves to talk, and he never fails to keep me laughing.  These are a few of my favorite exchanges from the past several months...

After every meal, Matt prompts Reed to tell me thank you.  (Which, side note, is such a cool Dad move.  Love that Matt is intentionally teaching Reed to be grateful and to express thanks consistently).  Reed is now an expert thanker.  He leans forward, cocks his head wayyy to the side, and says in a high pitched, enthusiastic voice: "tankyoo mommy!"  (Or "tankyoo, _____")  It is the cutest thing!

Here, Reed found a "polka dot" on his pancake:

I can think of several of my parenting moves that have backfired already, but here's one for you: When I was first teaching Reed to blow his nose, I was overly enthusiastic about getting him to blow hard enough for boogers to come out into the tissue and would show him when we "got one."  Nowadays, he likes to ride in the car and pick his nose and tell me when he's "got one."  Oops, fail.

Most toddlers quickly and correctly learn the word "mine!"  I love that Reed says that "his" things are "mine's."  Ha ha!

A few weeks ago, I called to check in on a friend who was bringing home her first baby.  After I got off of the phone, I joined Matt and Reed and reminisced about our own hospital stay and first weeks at home.  I turned to Reed, and asked him what it sounds like when a baby cries.  He squinted his eyes and made a high-pitched squeaking noise.  Please note: Reed always seems sympathetic toward crying babies in the store, and tells me why they are crying (ie- Her wants to go home.  He wants a cookie, etc)  Me: "Reed, baby sister might get sad and cry when she gets here...  What are you going to do?"  I expected a sweet answer, like hug her or play with her, but without missing a beat, Reed raised his hand in the air and demonstrated his intentions as he declared, "Oh, I hit her!"  Oh boy...  Fortunately, there was no violence, only a proud smile, when Reed got to "hold" his new friend, baby Calder:

Today, we went to pick up Matt's car from the shop.  Reed always wants to know where we are going so I told him we were heading to the car doctor to pick up Daddy's car and take it home.  He got antsy while Matt was inside checking out, so I decided to seize the opportunity to tell Reed that in several weeks mommy and daddy will go to the baby doctor to pick up sister and then bring her home.  His response was, " Oh, okay... that will be nice."  Ha.

These probably aren't as funny or sweet to anyone else as they are to me, but I can't help but think how quickly Reed is growing and learning and changing.  Honestly, I can't remember most of the little stories I had in my head a couple of months ago, and these ones are just what came to mind as I sit here tonight.  Reed's baby book doesn't have pages for this kind of stuff anymore. :(  Anyone out there have a creative, efficient way that they keep track of toddler stories or antics?  Maybe I will follow my own suggestion and start a little note card box like I mentioned way back when at the end of this post.

Hope you've had a great weekend, filled with laughs. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Final Answer

I don't have anything really exciting to share with you, but my sister-in-law is demanding a blog post, preferably about baby girl, and there is a slight update to Operation Girl Nursery.

Last time I checked in, I had fallen for that really cute crib sheet at BRU and built a nursery idea from there.

Next step: I picked up several of the items to try together in the room.  The pieces were all super cute, and I decided that we had landed on the big picture for baby girl's room.  Truthfully, though, it wasn't so much that I loved it and everything was perfect, but more like it felt good enough and I didn't have time or energy to draw out the mission.  But something was off.  The colors just felt weird in the room, with the wall color and furniture.  I tried to ignore it, but even Matt said the walls seem to "glow" a weird pink.

So the other day, Reed took an especially long nap and, you know, I had run out of bon bons, so I decided to take the pink stuff down and just see how some of the lavender stuff looked.  I am so glad I did, you guys!  I really love it, and it just seems to fit with the room and furniture.  (More solid and less pattern than in the image below, but same color idea).

So Baby Girl's room will be green and lavender!  Done.  Yay!  Now, she just needs a name...