Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wanted: Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving week is upon us!  Reed and I have talked a little bit about giving thanks for the things that God has blessed us with, but really we haven't done anything special or tradition-oriented this season.  I feel like Thanksgiving gets passed over so easily. :(  I have been wanting to spend some time thinking about the holiday, and to find 1 or 2 simple traditions we might implement to celebrate Thanksgiving in a special way.

One thing I want to have next year is a Thanksgiving Tree where you add leaves, each with something you are grateful for, every day in November until Thanksgiving day.  You can use any kind of tree or leaf medium; one of my friends made a felt tree for her family, and another tapes the leaves to a big tree mural on her playroom wall.  I love the idea of filling out the leaves at dinnertime, and having dinner guests share in the fun.  I was thinking of making something simple and vintage-y like the image below, but in Fall colors (and perhaps red and green on the opposite side).

On Sunday, Matt got a "thankful basket" from one of the students at church.  This student's family has a fun tradition where each member of the family chooses someone they are thankful for, and they put together special baskets for the recipients.  I love that idea too!

Of course, sharing a Thanksgiving meal with friends and family is a central part of the holiday!  We had our first feast last night with our small group and have two more to look forward to, one Wednesday and one Thursday.  Reed didn't really do much gobbling, but here is a picture of his first Thanksgiving meal of the year. :)

What are some other Thanksgiving traditions ideas-- big, small, meaningful, fun?? 

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