Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat: A Story in Pictures

Reed had so much fun trick or treating last night!

After testing out our costume options, we decided to go with the homemade golfer outfit.

Reed hit the streets with a mighty good lookin' crew.

...via a hayride (which he talked about non stop)

He quickly caught on to the routine, and would say "trick or treat," put his candy in his bag, and then loudly announce "next house!"

He usually was the pig tail in the group, because he had to stop several times to check on his candy bag.

Reed even confessed his love to a girl this Halloween.  No joke, he said "I love you, Collins," and Heather and I both heard it.  Oh boy.  Collins is the pretty parrot pictured below.

Reed had a great time, but even little golfers get tired...yawn.

Love my little trick-or-treater so much!!


  1. What a pretty mommy of the golfer.

    Cute stuff here -- I'm just now getting to reading it. I'm a busy woman, you know?


  2. one more thing -- I signed up for your cute blog via email...

    so, expect me to make lots of comments...

    cuz, that's what i do.

  3. *taps fingers on table*

    Next post, please.


  4. Sorry, HG- I am slow sometimes! Lots of old blogs you could peruse... :)