Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Closet Organization

Okay, one last thing about closets.  Upstairs, in between our laundry closet and Reed/guest bathroom at the end of the hall, we have a tiny little linen closet.
This is the only non-bedroom closet in the whole upstairs.  As such, it houses towels, linens/blankets, and cleaning supplies, as well as lots of other closet-dwelling items (ie- baby bath tubs).  In an effort to maximize space, we have a second shoe organizer (like Reed's) on the back side of the linen closet door.  If I wasn't lazy  pregnant lazy, I would go get my camera and take a picture.  (Actually, does it get any lazier than not re-taking that first picture?!)  Anyway, since the below photo, which has been popping up on pinterest, looks way cute anyway, I'll just post that one.
Boom.  (Source)
Not only does a shoe organizer in a cleaning/linen closet take advantage of otherwise unused space, it also provides great storage for lots of small items.  The picture above shows mostly cleaning supplies, but the majority of our cleaners are in a caddy on a high shelf as part of our Reed-proofing.  A few of the items that live on the back of our closet door are sunblocks, bug spray, extra child-proofing outlet plugs and doorknob covers, and a heating pad is even rolled into one pocket.  Love knowing where all of the items "live," and having them so easily accessible!  Side note: we recently rearranged our organizer post-Reed by moving potentially dangerous items (plastic baggies, lysol, extra hammer) to the top pockets.  So that's one other thing to consider if you have little people around.

Happy utilizing of back of door space! :)

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  1. That is not green friendly.

    *tsk, tsk*

    That's a lot of cleaning supplies --- that alone would make me wanna throw something out.

    Reed Proof.

    So much fun with how that sounds....