Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday, we talked about ideas for at-home outdoor activities.  Today I thought I would follow up by sharing (and soliciting!) ideas for actual outings.  Here is a simple list of favorite destinations, both outdoor and indoor...

Outdoor Destinations:
Parks (especially with ducks to feed)
Join some pals for a Picnic
Pool (summer, of course)
Sprayground (only open weekends through September, then closed until Spring)
A buddy's Backyard :)

Indoor Destinations:
Indoor Play Places (like Little Bears or a CatchAir)
Play date at a buddy’s house
The mall play area (and lunch/shopping!)
Have a buddy over for play date at your house
Lunch Date at Chickfila (indoor playplace)
Imagine It Children's Museum
Story Time at the Library
A little older: $1 movies

What are some other outing ideas that we've missed?  I would love to hear!

And as we close out August, here is the link to the rest of our Summer Fun pictures.


  1. Danielle up on 41 is Doodlebugs, a toddler play area a friend and her hubby are running. Its geared towards toddlers and preschoolers as Monkey Joes and such are just too big. They do story and craft time once a month and its right beside a Maggie Moos. Its a great place for moms to talk and they have a dads place too.YOu can find them on facebook for coupons or

  2. Great stuff! We're ALWAYS looking for more places to go. Weston likes to be out of the house all the time.

    We like Jump 4 Joey in Hiram, and Town Center has a little playplace for preschoolers. Sometimes we even go to Target and just play with their toys for a little while. (That might be kinda rednecky though?) :)