Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Craigslist Score

I have had visions of an entertainment armoire for our living room since we moved into our home; however, for 5+ years Matt and I have patiently loved on this stowaway from my college apartment days:

pictured here in current home

 Its history: When my college roommates and I moved out of “22,” we split some pieces of (under $100) furniture that we purchased with our modest earnings from our gig as the model unit in the apartment complex.  The entertainment piece was my inheritance from the “estate,” and has been a perfect fit for our complementary loot from Matt’s college days—a big tube TV, which we have also used for our entire married life… You know the kind… boxy, with more depth than width or height, and weighs about 3 tons.  Recently, Matt & I decided to enter modern technological times (after the old tube got zapped by lightning!) and we purchased our first flat screen TV—for a good deal, of course. :)

First, we decided we would cut out the three shelves on the left of our current piece to fit the new 42” television, while we started casually watching Craigslist for (hopefully!) an armoire.  The plan:


After a comical shelf-removing process, we realized the TV was not, in fact, going to fit.  So instead of our brilliant and thrifty furniture makeover, we ended up with the enchanting set-up depicted below:

 I wish I had a picture of the real deal as it graced our living room, cord waterfall and all. :)  As you can imagine, we kicked our furniture search up a notch once plan A fell through.  The problem with searching for entertainment armoires on Craiglist, though, is that only the newer models are built wide enough to fit newer (wider) TVs.  Against the odds, I quickly came across an ad for a potential armoire and contacted the seller about the dimensions to found out that we had a match!  So, the newest addition to our living room is this beautiful Hekman armoire that we scored for only $100!!  Sweet!


 And this is what it looks like open:

I still need to rearrange the storage spaces and drawers.  I want to find a good organizing/storage solution to move DVDs into the lower opening(s) of the cabinet part (below TV), as I am thinking that I want toy storage in the left drawer and diapering supplies in the right drawer.  That way, everything media-related will be contained inside the large cabinet doors, and we will not need to open the armoire for the other purposes.

I know this post is getting long about a simple Craigslist transaction, but I really want to share how the armoire actually came to be in our living room!  The next morning after I contacted the seller about coming to view the piece was Matt’s Dad’s accident, and the last thing on our minds during a week that turned our hearts and lives upside down was our craigslist find.  A few days later, my friend Kelly came over to watch Reed so that I could be with Matt and his family for the day.  She saw our not-so-subtle TV set-up (the rendering above), and we laughed as I explained our failed attempt at an DIY upcycle for our entertainment piece.  I told her we had actually found a piece on Craiglist and that, now that I think of it, I should ask the lady to hold it for us.  Kelly immediately insisted on taking the lady’s number and calling her for me, not just to hold the armoire but to schedule to pick it up and bring it to our house!  Long story short(ish), Kelly and friends tracked down our Craigslist find and delivered it into our home.  And let me tell you, that could not have been an easy feat; the thing is a beast.  I’m loving the armoire- not just because I always wanted an armoire and it is a great fit and find, but mostly because every time we sit in our living room with it we will be reminded of dear friends who went SO far above and beyond in loving on us!


  1. That is such a sweet story! And a great find!

  2. OHhhh my goodness, love love love it!

  3. What a *steal!* That is beautiful - such a great find for the price!

  4. I love seeing that you had so many years of great use of the "22" entertainment unit! I have to say the new one looks great though!