Saturday, June 11, 2011

5th Anniversary and Gift Ideas

Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary!

June 10, 2006

Crazy.  For our anniversary, Matt and I don't usually exchange big gifts; we typically just plan a nice evening together to celebrate.  This year, Matt came home from work with 2 dozen red roses... (As we pulled away in the car, he wanted me to guess how much they cost... $7, compliments of a nice Kroger associate... My husband, folks).  This year, we went to dinner at Shillings and spent the evening on the Marietta Square.

Side Note:  My parents watched Reed during our date-- for 5 hours.  Reed waved goodbye to us when we drove away, and according to report, didn't cry or even ask about us for the rest of the evening.  I am not sure whether to be really happy or a little sad...  I'll be really happy, I guess!

 Inspired by my friend Ashley who celebrated her 5th anniversary a week before ours, I decided to get a little creative this year.  I made Matt five anniversary cards to give to him throughout the evening.  The first card had a picture of us on our first anniversary, and in it I wrote all about our first year of marriage--favorite memories, hobbies, haunts, etc.  I made a card for each of our five years of marriage.  I gave Matt the cards at different points during our date, and it was really fun to reminisce together; of course, we came up with lots of additional memories and funny stories as we talked!

I also paired each of the cards with an envelope that defined one of the five love languages, and contained a corresponding "gift."  I tried to put them in order of (my guess at) Matt's love languages, so I'll order them (descendingly) that way here:

Year 1
No pic from date, but here's our frozen wedding cake!
 Words of Affirmation- I wrote Matt a note about my favorite things about him.  You could also use a "top ten" qualities format, or even a collage of kind words about your spouse.

Year 2
Dinner at McCormick & Schmick's
 Quality Time- Inside this envelope, I started a list of ways to spend time together.  This was somewhat inspired by another friend's recent blog post about becoming a tourist in your own city.  Matt and I added to the list over dinner, dividing our ideas into 3 broad categories: Dream-type ideas (vacations/travels), Everyday go-to's (movies to see, restaurants to try), and Weekend ideas (more the staycation type items).  You could also actually buy tickets, book a tour, or make a reservation for something that you and your significant other would enjoy doing together.

Year 3
Went to Elevation Chop House for Year 3
 Acts of Service- I made Matt a "Let me do that for you" coupon, redeemable for help with tasks for work, around the house, etc.  It was kind of a joke because acts of service is much more a love language I "hear" than one I speak... I would much rather Matt wait on me than the other way around!  I put some silly jargon in fine print that had a maximum redemption value of 5 uses, that requests were subject to discretionary review, and any attempt to reproduce the coupon rendered it null and void.  Another idea is to be more specific in your offer to do something for your spouse-- like cut the grass or wash his car... of course that would mean you have real intentions of actually doing the work! ha ha.

Year 4
I cried at diner b/c I missed Reed! Oops.

Physical Touch- Even though by definition the Physical Touch love language is about a lot more than bedroom, I will let you think of what you might put in this envelope! :)

Year 5
 @Marietta Square
 Gifts- Obviously, you could choose any kind of thoughtful gift for your spouse for this one.  Matt isn't a huge gifts person and is actually really hard to buy for, so I dug up this list of life values and corresponding goals that he and I wrote during our pre-marital counseling as a sort of gift to us.  I annotated the document, and we laughed our heads off at not only how epically we failed in most categories, but also how ridiculous they were.  We had some good conversation around how our lives and schedules had changed (Reed!), and how some of the goals we still wanted to hold on to could be reshaped to fit in our current reality.  Actually, now that I am writing this, it is pretty neat to think about how the values are still spot on, but only the practical ideas we detailed them with needed realignment!

Because I know you want this blog post to keep getting longer, here are our 5 Life Values:
(I am not going to include the 15 goals/how-tos under each one because they are really ridiculous and embarrassing!)

1. We are committed to consistently growing in our marriage relationship--learning to love each other more each day.
2. We desire to individually and jointly experience an ever-deepening spiritual journey in Christ.
3. We want to be wise stewards of time, money, health, and talent.
4. We aspire to purposeful relationships with friends and family; we believe community is a significant means of spiritual growth and life change.
5. We value committing ourselves to a church family as dedicated, contributing members.

...Here's to Year Six!


  1. Love this post, friend!!! Very sweet and great ideas.. especially since our anniversary is in 2 weeks :) BUT Father's Day is first- what creative, fun things do you have for that??

  2. Haha... Thanks! I will post some FD ideas tomorrow! I've found a couple you could adapt to fit either occasion :)