Friday, May 13, 2011

These Feet were made for Walking

“These [feet] were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do...”

We have a walker!  Last Tuesday, we had planned to go the Braves game, and were disappointed by the rain out.  We headed home all bummed, but Reed’s exciting new feat quickly turned the evening back into into a home run!

Leading up to last week, Reed would walk multiple laps around the house with his push toy, and sneak a few steps here and there to get from one object to another.  We knew he could walk if he would just let go, but he wasn’t going to have any of it!  Whenever Matt or I led him around holding on to his hands, we would try to slip one hand away, but Reed would stop walking to turn around and look for the second hand before he would proceed.  I think I see some of my own low-risk personality reflected here in my little man… He waited to walk until he not only knew he could do it, but knew he could do it well.  I hope we can encourage in Reed as he grows some of Matt's humble confidence and more of a sense of adventure than I possess. :)  As you can see in the video, he practically took off running, and in his very first go (prior to what we captured with the camera), he busted out about 30 consecutive steps!

To keep up with our little walker, we bought his first pair of “real” shoes today.

I will still let him walk barefoot as much as possible, but now that he is officially a toddler, we needed a real pair of kicks for shoe-ish occasions.  I chose this sandal type shoe since it is summer time.  It is more supportive than a flip-flop (which wouldn’t really be a good choice for a new walker), and it also has a protected toe.  Hopefully his new shoes will fit him into the fall months too!

"One of these days these feet are gonna…" What?!

Allow me to direct your attention back to Reed’s walking video for a quick moment.  Did you catch the part at the end where he looks into my eyes and intentionally starts pinching his own face?!  This is how he currently experiments with being naughty!  Anytime he is told no (or tells us no!), gets mad about something, or thinks he is about to have something taken away from him, he grabs his cheek.
(That probably sounds weird (it is), but pinching MY face was the first behavior I started correcting a few months ago.  I would tell him no-no, that we don’t hurt people, and then demonstrate “gentle.”  Inevitably, his response would be to hit/scratch/pinch my face again, so I would repeat my schpeel and inform him that if he hits again he can’t sit with mommy right now.  Yep—you guessed it—he would swipe a third time and I would plop him off of my lap and onto the floor, where he would immediately wail about such a cruel and unusual punishment.  My approach hasn't seemed to abate his hitting habit much, but I guess he has started to associate his signature crime with the word “no”?).
Anyway, back to the face pinching habit.  In addition to when he is mad or gets corrected, he also just grabs his face randomly to see how we will react (as he does in the walking video).  This pinching is usually accompanied by him saying “no” over and over again.  And Reed saying no?  I’m sorry, but it is hilarious!  He says the word “no” in such a funny way (think sarcasm meets intense southern drawl meets baby voice) that I have to put some real effort into not cracking a smile.  I am trying to be consistent in correcting/encouraging behavior, but I just want to take this opportunity to say that I wasn’t quite ready for how quickly my helpless cooing little infant started smacking me in the face and testing the boundaries.  Good thing I am so madly in love with him! :)  Pinches, “no-no”s, and tantrums—oh my!

I am adding to my parenting literature reading list- Any good suggestions?  I will check out suggestions and share my full list later this week.

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