Saturday, April 16, 2011

Date Night and a Monumental Milestone

As mentioned previously, I do know that blogging is old hat, but I decided to throw my hat in the ring anyway and perhaps make a hobby of rambling on about various things.  We’ll see.  I will keep you… posted.  Har. har.

I had all these lofty ideas about a blog schedule and categories and such and I told you I would tell you what you can expect around my blog, but I’ve decided to wait on all that and start slowly by posting when I can/ want to.


Anyway, last night was monumental for the Morgan family…  We left Reed for a date night, and someone else put him to bed for the night—successfully!  This is big.

Now, first of all, let me tell you about our date night rotation.  You should totally try this.  With two other couples from our small group (who also have little boys), we scheduled out 6 Fridays this spring for a date night rotation.  So 2 Fridays we keep all 3 boys at our house, and 4 Fridays we get to go out on a date.  We opted for open drop-off/pick-up between 6:30 and 11:00, and each family brings and sets up their pack-n-play.  You could, of course, set different guidelines, even weekend afternoons instead of evenings.  Then, you just go to dinner followed by coffee or a movie.  Or, if you are like us, you end up on a romantic stroll hand-in-hand through the aisles of your local Target.  You might even find a good sale on toilet paper and buy a new sippy cup for baby.

 Max, Reed, and Haven

Now, back to the monumental milestone.  We have left Reed plenty of times in his 13 months, but if it was ever in the evening we almost always either picked him up before bedtime (meaning we ate a "grandma dinner"), or we put him to bed ourselves and left after he was asleep.  Two main reasons for this strategy: 1- I nursed Reed until a few weeks ago and it was just easier to maintain at least one constant at bedtime (as opposed to different home, different bed, different caregiver, and bottle instead of the real deal—the last two went together, of course).  Reason 2- Reed is a little bundle of separation anxiety.  He cried when I left him from about 3 months on.  He didn’t make it in the church nursery without crying so hard the sweet workers called me to get him (or examine his hives) until about 9 months.  And at that point he (we both) just cried it out.  He is famous at church.  And I should also say he has always had the most awesome caregivers in the nursery from day one.  It is the best when other people love on your baby!

 Exhibit A: Grammy Murry reading Reed a book that says "Boo!"  Judge reaction for yourself.

We also went through this whole stage where I got to get away every Thursday evening for me-time, while Matt and Reed had “man time.”  Matt would give Reed a bottle and put him to bed.  This was purposeful in a lot of ways, not the least of which was getting Reed used to a nighttime bottle weekly, so that we could use a sitter seamlessly.  Soon we realized he was 8, then 9 months old and it was time to phase out bottles anyway.  Obviously I could ramble on about this endlessly but the point is (is there a point?) that before last night someone besides Matt or myself had put Reed to bed only 3 times in his 13 months, and these instances were all prior to 6 months old.

So last night was a big deal.  Last night was our first night out since he had been completely weaned and it was an experiment of sorts.  I was actually really excited to see how Reed would do (and really thankful for friends who would volunteer for such an experiment).  We were planning to just come get Reed after dinner when his piercing cries started echoing through the Bowman’s home, but instead we got this text:

Just put him down and he already stopped crying!!!  He cried for like 45 seconds—sweet Reed.  I think you’ve turned a corner :)”

We celebrated after dinner by perusing Kohl’s.  Hand-in-hand, of course.


  1. Jeff and did the same thing, but we perused H-E-B, our local grocery store, instead of Kohl's. He did not share my enthusiasm for post-date grocery shopping--until we found a special deal on ice cream, then he was a giddy boy indeed =) We need to get something like this going, but I am not sure how many people would want to watch our 4. Perhaps a deal where we split them between two others?? Loving your blogging!

  2. yay for a date night successful weaning and target!

  3. YAY Reed!!! Aunt Bri is proud, Bud! And I am also enjoying the blogs. :-)

  4. Thanks sisters! Lauren, I will watch your 4! Just bring then on over :)